Bio Diesel Plants

BIODESEL IS THE future RENUABLE ENERGY SOURCE IN THE WORLD, We can supply Biodiesel Plants from 1 KLPD to 100 KLPD from a vide variety of Oils , fatty Acids .
All Edible oils & Fats (vegetable & Animal ) can be estriefied. Pretreatment and Estrification is Required if Following specification are not met:

FFA-Content < 0.1%

Phosphatide Content As Phosphorus <10 ppm

Sulfur <5 ppm

Water Content < 0.10%

Impurities < 0.10%

Temperature 122o F (50o C)

Trans estrification of Oil is based on chemical reaction of triglycerides With Methanol to form methyl ester and Glycerine in the presence of Of a alkaline catalyst. This reaction takes place in the mixing section While the subsequent settling section allows for separation of methyl esters As light phase from Glycerine water as heavy phase. A subsequent counter current washing step for methyl ester removes By-product methyl ester and gives Biodiesel. Excess methanol present In Glycerine is removed in rectification column. Industrial grade Glycerine is further Purified By distillation Process in to Pharma grade glycerine.