Hydrogenation Plant

Hydrogenation process consists of heating deodorized oil in an autoclave to about 160°C hydrogen gas is passed through oil in the presence of Ni (Nickel as a catalyst). After gassing cycle is complete i.e. the desired quality of vanaspati is attained, hydrogen gas supply is released from the autoclave. Oil mass is then cooled under vacuum and dropped in the cooler drop tank for further cooling . Mass is filtered in plate & frame filters, filtered vanaspati is processed further. After hydrogenation, vanspati oil, is subjected to post treatment like post bleaching to improve color of the vanaspati and deodorized to reduce inherent smells and odours. At this stage different permitted oils are blended with hydrogenated oil in permissible quantities. After cooling deodorized oil, it is sent for packing and then taken to cold room and stored there for 24 hrs for setting grains and grains in the Vanaspati.

•Long service life
•Rugged design
•High operational fluency