Continuous deodoriser

State Of art Of Deodorisation Plant, Deodorisation is the Final Stage of Refining to Remove Free Fatty Acids , Odour and Color Pigments to Produce Bland Oil with a Good Shelf Life. Brissun with a Experience of Fifteen Years in the Field of RICE BRAN oil & all Other Oils Deodorisation Has Perfected the art of deodorization .Deodorisation Process is Mixture of Packed Column and Tray Type Deodorisation Highly Efficient & Specially Designed Packing along with Specially designed Tray System Gives Oil Maximum Retention Time and maximum surface Area for Evaporation POCESS DESCRIPTION:

Different Stages of Deodorisation
1 Desecration
2 Heating
3 Stripping
4 Deodorisation
5 Heat Recoveries / Cooling
6 Final Cooling
7 Fatty Acid Recovery
8 Polish Filtration

Bleached and Dewaxed Oil enters the Dearation Vessel after heating By PHE , Oil is Sprayed in the vessel and air along with metal traces are removed, evaporated through Vaccum . Oil after dearation enters Regenerative Heater which is under vaccum Incoming oil is heated and Final Hot oil is cooled down , Maximum Heat recovery ( 80-85%) takes Place .

Partially Heated Oil is fed to Vacuum Heater , where Oil is Heated By Thermal Fluid or High Pressure Steam to 240-250 Deg C , FFA Removal takes Place during Heating and the Oil flows under gravity to Distillation Column equipped with High Efficient Structured Packing which has very low Pressure drop. Maximum number of Distillation stages takes Place By counter current Flow of Oil & Vapours coming from Bottom.

Oil after coming from packing is collected at Bottom and fed to Holding Vessel equipped with number of trays, here Thermal Bleaching and deodorization takes Place . Here all the Bad odour and final traces of free fatty acids are removed. After all the deodorisation hot oil has to be cooled first in Economiser and Then By Cooler and PHE to about 45 deg C and sent for storage. Free fatty acid Vapours collected from deodorizer, Heater and Economiser are taken to scrubbing through central ducting and Scrubbed in Scrubbing column Having Structured Packing. Scrubbing is so designed that Traces of Fatty acid Carryover in vaccum system and water is reduced to Zero level. Advantages of Our System

• Maximum Odour , Flavour Removal
• Maximum Fatty Acid Removal ( 15 -20 % )
• Colour Reduction By Thermal Bleaching
• Keeping essential Fatty acids Intact in the Oil
• Maximizing Quantity of Tocopherol , Ariznol & Other Neutrients in Final Oil
• Low Steam Consumption.
• Low Electricity Consumption
• Easy Maintenance
• Low Oil Losses
• Low Water Consumption
• Highly Efficient Scrubbing of Fatty Acid ( 95 % FFA Concentration)
• Minimal Carry Over Of Fatty Acids in Water Pool
• Highly Heat Recovery through Regeneration