DEGUMMING / Neutralisation and Washing

The process has been developed which utilises the phenomenon that hydra table phospholipids contains polar groups which form liquid crystal in connection with water. At slight above the ambient temperature they form a laminar structure which are insoluble in oil and which are insoluble in oil and which are capable of absorbing other impurities.

In the Total Degumming process, Oil is mixed with Hot Water , Caustic lye , Phosphoric Acid in Neutralise and is given proper retention time in a Rention tank so as to convert all Non hydrated gums to Lyso form which forms more stable hydratable gums which can be separated out from the oil by centrifugation.

Crude oil is pumped in a continuous and constant stream by pump heated/cooled to required temperature in the plate heat exchanger , oil is mixed with control quantity of acid / Lye and Phosphoric Acid in high Shear mixer and fed to the Neutraliser & than to retention tank . The oil – Acid mixer is retained for sufficient time properly condition the oil in Retention tank. The oil after conditioning heated to inactivate and help to separate with centrifugal separator where the oil and hydrated gums are separated. For Soya, Sunflower, Cotton seed Oil to attain Better Colour Neutralisation , Washing is to be done and there is a change in Process Parameters as per Quality and Type of Oils For Rice Bran Oil Specially Designed Enzymatic Degumming Plant is supplied by Brissun . Especially Designed Process is Available To attain best results in Degumming and less Oil loss during degumming. Enzymatic degumming helps attain Better results during Deodorisation and producing Refined grade PHYSICALLY REFINED RICE BRAN OIL. After degumming oil sent to directly to Bleaching process