Continuous Bleaching

Bleaching process is carried out to remove colour pigments residual phosphatised, metals, soaps and oxidation products using Bleaching Earth and activated Carbon as per requirement of Process .Bleaching Process is carried out in Two Stages in a continuous Manner In First Stage heated Oil at 100 - 110 oC and mixed with Bleaching earth and kept at suitable temperature & mixed with Bleaching Earth with mild agitation By specially Designed turbine Blades Agitator System under vacuum. Oil is Sprayed through SpeciallYdesigned Nozzles &Mixed with Bleaching earth and sufficient Retention time is Given to Attain maximum Possible Bleaching of oil. By spraying Oil. Moisture is removed in the vessel itself In second Stage oil slurry is Pumped to a set of vertical Pressure Leaf Filters Where . two filters are used alternatively to Remove Oil From bleaching Earth And Cake is Discharged through Bottom actuated Butterfly Valve. After Filtration oil is circulated through Candle Type Polish Filters to Further polish the Oil & Remove any traces of Particles. Advantages Of Brissun Continuous Bleaching Plant

• Uniform Quality Product.
• Reduced Bleaching Earth Consumption.
• High Reduction in colour By Efficient Process.
• Highly efficient agitator, low Power Consumption.
• Efficient Dosing of Bleaching earth in the Bleacher Vessel.
• Low Carryover of Bleaching Earth in the Vaccum System.
• Maximum Life of Filter Leaves.
• Low Loss of Oil in Spent Earth.
• Low Steam Consumption.